A Closer Look at EDI at DNEG with AWN

Erika Burton & Delna Dhamodiwala discuss our EDI initiatives and their importance

We’re thrilled to share that Animation World Network has published an article about EDI at DNEG, featuring Erika Burton (President, DNEG Animation) & Delna Dhamodiwala (Global Head of HR)!

The article touches on all the amazing work that our EDI Task Group has been doing across the business. The Group’s aim is to shape our EDI strategy and help to support our existing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), enabling them to share their vision with the wider business. Working together, the team has implemented a holistic vision for EDI at DNEG and has launched multiple successful programmes globally.

Erika and Delna talk more in the article about the EDI programmes we run here at DNEG, the range of ERG’s across the company, and why EDI is such an important topic at DNEG.

Speaking on why EDI is a key focus for DNEG, Erika Burton said:
“We are a business that thrives in a community, and we have many, many channels for our employees to find a space where they feel that they are safe to talk about issues that they’re having, be it work issues, personal issues, whatever it may be… We have an incredibly diverse employee population, and they are extremely passionate, and I think that helps to drive all of this. It’s not just coming from the top down. It’s also coming from the bottom up. That level of engagement throughout the company is incredibly strong and what makes all this thrive.”
On the creation of our EDI Task Group, Delna Dhamodiwala said:
“We decided we needed to bring all [of our] ERGs together and actually globalize the initiative of EDI. That’s when we started quite a bit of work on building a task force, getting a Diversity Audit done, and setting up our strategy for EDI and goals we wanted to achieve. We were very clear from the very beginning that we didn’t want our EDI initiative to just be a tag on the website. We wanted to walk the talk.”

From our DNEG Career and Parental Leave Coaching to our Thrive Mental Health programme, you can learn more about these different initiatives and their impact in the full article on Animation World Network here.

To find out more about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at DNEG, click here. And if you are interested in joining our team and building your career at DNEG, check out our open positions.




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