BBC Click Goes Behind-The-Scenes of TENET’s VFX

The intricate balance of TENET's Oscar-winning visual effects revealed

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of TENET’s Academy Award-winning visual effects!

Tune in to BBC Click to watch as Overall VFX Supervisor Andrew Jackson walks us through key sequences in the film, from huge moments — such as actually crashing a jumbo jet into a hangar — to the more subtle moments and details that help to bring the concept of  ‘time inversion’ to life.


One of those subtle details in question? Find out what the team did to create the inverted car wheels in TENET’s nail-biting chase scene… as Andrew explains,

“We found a way of dragging a car backwards while its wheels were spinning forwards… We inverted the whole thing, so when the car pulled away it was sucking dust back into the back of the wheel. That was a really good example of this sort of approach, where we find a practical real-world event and then just sort of turn it on its head a little bit so that it felt real but wrong.”

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