Celebrating 100 Career Coaching Partnerships at DNEG!

Putting collaborative partnerships at the heart of professional development

We’re so excited to share an update about our DNEG Career Coaching programme!

Since launching the full programme last year, our internal Career Coaching initiative has grown tremendously. We’re pleased to celebrate our latest milestone of 100 Career Coaching partnerships!

Spearheaded by DNEG Learning and Development Manager Lucy Salter, the programme creates partnerships by pairing up DNEG artists with senior Coaches — i.e. Leads, Supervisors and industry veterans. The Coaches provide one-to-one coaching, mentoring, and focused support towards professional development.

Since the programme’s inception, over 50 of our senior team members have stepped into career coach roles. Commenting on the impact of the initiative, Lucy says,

Our Career Coaching programme has helped build stronger, more cohesive and effective teams and increased leadership skills. This, in turn, provides a support system to help our artists to reach their full potential ”.

The success of 100 partnerships follows the programme’s recent roll-out to our Montreal studio and DNEG Animation division, overseen by DNEG Artist Manager Adam Lauwers and DNEG Animation Resource Manager Chanel Belliveau, respectively. We couldn’t be prouder to see our team embracing this initiative on such a scale.

To share more insights, we caught up with a few senior Career Coaches to get their perspective on the success of the programme:

Q: What made you interested in becoming involved in DNEG’s Career Coaching programme?

“I have always had an interest in the joy of creating something new. This led me to VFX but often I found myself lost in the many small and big distractions which reduced the enjoyment and satisfaction I felt in doing my work. The Career Coaching programme helped me find my path back to having a more balanced experience at work. After experiencing the benefits of the coaching experience myself, I was very motivated to be involved in helping others do the same.”
– Bhavika Bajpai, Build Supervisor and Senior DNEG Career Coach

Q: What have you learned while being a DNEG Career Coach?

“I’ve seen how valuable it can be to talk to other people about your goals & tough decisions & successes. Simply having a conversation about it can help you work through things that might be less clear when you keep it all internal, and when you tell someone else about your goals then you’re more likely to follow through and achieve them.”
– Keith Kamholz, Lead FX TD and Senior DNEG Career Coach

Q: What are three words you’d use to describe your experience as a DNEG Career Coach?

“Inspiring, rewarding, enjoyable”
– Malcolm Neailey, CG Lighting Supervisor and Senior DNEG Career Coach

“Learning, listening, canalizing”
– Martin Scalzotto, Animator and Senior DNEG Career Coach

We’re always looking for talent to join our award-winning global studios! If you’re interested in being part of a collaborative team and contributing to the most exciting projects around, then check out our openings now!




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