Catching up with DNEG’s Unreal Fellowship Alumni!

Lessons from the 30-day real-time programme

Hear from the DNEG crew members who recently completed Unreal Engine’s intensive Unreal Fellowship!

Today, we’re talking with members of our DNEG Technology team who recently completed Unreal Engine’s Spring 2022 Unreal Fellowship.

The five week intensive programme offers a blended learning experience for experienced industry professionals in film, animation and VFX to level up their Unreal Engine skills, develop a strong command of state-of-the-art tools, and foster learning in the next generation of teams in the emerging field of real-time production.

Our very own Roy C Anthony (Global Head of Research), Luis Placid (Lead Unreal Development) and Bernhard Kerschbaumer (Global Workflow Architect) were amongst the Spring 2022 cohort.

As part of the programme, each individual worked with a team to create their own short film using Unreal Engine tools. Find out more from our DNEG alumni below!


Bernhard Kerschbaumer (Global Workflow Architect)

“The Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling is an intense 5-week journey of learning to use Unreal as a creative storytelling platform and it really has been an incredible experience. There is so much more I want to do with this little short film, as I feel I have only scratched the surface. Definitely walking away inspired and hungry for more.
A huge thank you to the Epic Games team for putting such a fantastic course together. Also thank you to DNEG for the support.”

Watch Bernhard’s short film, Boxed In.

Roy C Anthony (DNEG Global Head of Research)

“The fellowship has only reinforced my resolve that a healthy component of the future of film production is going to include real-time technology.
In my fellowship cohort I was delighted to see the power real-time brought to the creative process. More iterations in the content creation process unlocked creative potential, and more interactive review generated rapid upskilling of those new to content creation, or enabled engaged mentorship for those more seasoned to refine their creative directions to incredible results.
Without the cost of linear workflows and waiting on render, and enabling an asynchronous journey through the content creation process from model making, set dressing, scene building, lighting, camera, performance – anything was editable at any point. The results of many of the participants are incredible, especially when considered in the context that we all learned a brand new workflow, in a brand new tool, using brand new production methods, in only 5 weeks.
These emerging technologies will transform storytelling forever, and unlock the creative potential in individuals, and in teams.”

Watch Roy’s short film, The Letter.

Luis Placid (Lead Unreal Developer)

“Epic’s Storytelling Fellowship was nothing short of a transformative experience for me and my career. What an excellent opportunity to have been allowed to participate in. It was amazing to learn from the very source – as well as from peers who are considered best in what they do in their careers – on how to best utilise Unreal to build a story. My story.
The insanely high levels of respect I had for animators, artists, modellers, lighters, etc has grown to a new level as I got a taste of what they experience in their day-to-day. I have so much more admiration for them.
Can’t wait to be able to contribute more to this tool and aid, as much as I can, in shaping it into an experience that continues to unlock the full creative potential of those around me.
A HUGE thanks to the Epic Games team for building a fantastic learning experience. And a HUGE thanks to the DNEG team for the support to pursue this!”

Watch Luis’ short film, Mirror.





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