DNEG at #THU2021

Our DNEG Animation team took to Portugal for a week of inspiring presentations & events

Last week, our team attended Trojan Horse is a Unicorn‘s THU Main Event! Among the highlights…

DNEG Animation Senior Vice President of Creative Production, David Prescott explored innovation in the animation industry and then joined Vice President for Training, Outreach and Artistic Development, Kara Oropallo to discuss the art of balancing creative and business needs through production. Kara also shared tips on professional development and career management.

Then VFX Supervisor & Head of Build, DNEG Animation, Taylor Moll took audiences on the journey of a female artist in the VFX and animation industry and discussed DNEG Animation’s recent use of RealTime rendering on director Bill Joyce’s upcoming short film, ‘Mr. Spam’s Got a New Hat’.

Meanwhile, our rockstar Senior Talent Acquisition partner Jim Brown connected with junior artists and industry professionals.

We caught up with the globetrotters to gather their thoughts about the event afterwards. Here’s what they had to say!

Taylor Moll
VFX Supervisor & Head of Build
DNEG Animation

THU may be considered an event, but it is a movement.  It is the new generation’s vision of what the creative arts industry can be. One full of equal opportunities for all, open and understanding communication, and the belief that storytelling crosses all borders and boundaries.

Kara Oropallo
V.P. for Training, Outreach and Artistic Development
DNEG Animation

THU is a wonderful conference that blends professional knowledge sharing with organic networking and crazy amounts of magical inspiration. Not only was I able to connect with the industry artists of tomorrow, but I was also inspired on all levels by the work being created and showcased by new and veteran artists alike.

Jim Brown
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

It was great being at an in-person event again after such a long break. While virtual events are fine, there really is no substitute for sitting across from someone and having them share their work with you. I think for a big company like DNEG, networking events can be daunting for juniors and feel corporate and stifling — especially when remote. Events like THU are our chance to show the human side of DNEG.

David Prescott
Senior Vice President of Creative Production
DNEG Animation 

THU is a very different event in the calendar. It focuses on art, media and the creative side of filmmaking with a unique approach that sets it apart from other conferences. At the end of the day, I always feel like I am home with my tribe.




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