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Life Lessons to Thrive in VFX and Animation’

is happening September 23rd!

10:00AM (PDT) / 6:00PM (BST)

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Life Lessons to Thrive in VFX and Animation
September 23, 2021

10:00AM – 11:00AM (PST) / 6:00PM – 7:00PM (BST)


It’s no secret. The rising demand in streaming content and breakneck speed of tech innovation has created a visual effects and animation industry that is currently booming. But how does a budding artist or passionate storyteller find their footing on this already-whooshing rocket ship? 

Our second #DNEGDeepDive webinar assembles DNEG talent from around our global studios to share their insights on how to not just find your space in the field, but thrive in it. Reflecting on their diverse, first-hand experiences across a variety of roles, our panel will exchange lessons learned throughout the course of their own career paths: from greatest challenges and biggest surprises to the invaluable advice they wish they knew.

Join Alejandra Lopez, Lead Creature TD (Montreal), Grace (Stevie) Stephens, Lead Surfacing TD (Vancouver), Matthew Smith, Head of Lighting (London) and Akhila Namboodiri, Resource Schedule Manager, DNEG Animation (Global) for an engaging discussion, followed by an interactive Q&A. Moderated by Lorie Corcuera, Head of HR for DNEG Vancouver and LA, this human-first #DNEGDeepDive will empower anyone looking to carve out a career shaping the stories of the future. 

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AUGUST 2021 — The Revolution: The New Era Of Facial Performance

Earlier this month, we were delighted to showcase our incredible team in our very first DNEG #DeepDive webinar, ‘The Revolution: The New Era Of Facial Performance’.

Speaking about facial animation and performance, Animation Director David Andrews and Global Workflow Architect (Creatures & Characters), Mike Corcoran took audiences deep into the intricacies of ZivaRT and the Unreal Engine MetaHuman environment to discuss how these new tools are revolutionizing the processes of facial rigging and animation.

Focusing specifically on machine learning and 4D photogrammetry, the two consider how such technology generates a capacity to extract hi-fidelity facial performance directly from the actor, with no blocking pass required. Based on monocular video input, these tools allow 3D mesh reconstruction that can be real-time based — a paradigm shift from the otherwise ‘assembly-line’ processes of traditional rigging or modelling.

Referencing how such tools empower independent artists and filmmakers with unprecedented access to hi-end character assets and performance toolsets, the two posit that, in the new era of facial performance, artists can become generalists that enjoy an increased level of hands-on control over their work and artistic vision.

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