Keny Castro Moreno


How would you describe the DNEG Greenlight program in three words?

Adventurous, Growth and Enlightening.

What courses did you study and how do you think that contributed to your success?

I studied Film and TV production at University of Greenwich, a broad course that provides a variety of modules. One module was called “VFX” which I immediately fell in love with. I expanded my VFX knowledge, specializing in 3D modeling using the beauty of the internet — tutorials! The Film and TV production course helped me understand story-telling, cameras, lighting, composition and so much more, which I applied to my 3D modeling showreel.

Can you tell us about the project you worked on during your Greenlight program and what you’ve learned from it?

As part of the Greenlight Program, we had the opportunity to work on a short film called ‘Tropic Telecom’ directed by Nico Joana Weber. The aim was to create a CGI replica of an albino alligator using the given references. The Greenlight Program was my first time experiencing how the VFX industry functions behind-the-scenes, it was truly an eye-opener, radically changing the industry perception that I had in a positive way. Working in a professional environment, shoulder to shoulder with extremely talented artists made it easier to absorb their knowledge and helped me become comfortable using DNEG’s pipeline. Challenging moments were also keys that helped me adapt and develop in this industry.

What did you enjoy most about the work you were tasked with during Greenlight?

Sculpting an albino alligator was my assigned task during the Greenlight Program. What I enjoyed the most was the procedure of creating the large amount of details in the skin and scales of the alligator. It was challenging but very rewarding.

What was the most difficult challenge you faced in the program and how did you tackle it?

Sculpting the scales of the alligator’s arm was the most challenging process. We needed our alligator to be matching side to side with our references. In the reference image the scales were aligned with each other in an elegant puzzle structure. Delicate counting of the scales from the reference images and studying the flow and synchronisation they radiate, helped me to understand that alligators have a ‘hexagon’ shaped scales,this makes scales align well with each other. This rule was applied while sculpting them.

How did your Greenlight trainers and mentors support your learning and growth?

The trainers and mentors were really patient and understanding. When facing a problem or hitting a wall, they would often make time to carefully guide me on a step-by-step format. Many questions were asked, and they were more than happy to help and answer them. A great amount of support also came from many other artists willing to help on several occasions. I am extremely grateful for everyone at DNEG who supported us through the Greenlight program.

Why would you recommend the Greenlight Program?

The Greenlight Programme offered a significant boost in my career. Working in a professional environment with guidance, mentorship and facing real challenges, it really pushes your capabilities to the next level. The opportunity to work not only on the Greenlight project but also on big projects such as ‘Fast and Furious 9’ was the cherry on top. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who would like to pursue VFX or is trying to get their foot in the industry.

What would be your advice to future Greenlighters? 

I would give two pieces of advice to the future Greenlighters. First advice, be open to learning. Observe, absorb and write down notes. There will be a great amount of instructive conversation whether it is with your mentor or the person sitting next to you — you never know what tip or trick you can learn from them. Second and most important advice, have fun and enjoy the program. 

What are your future ambitions for your VFX career?

My future ambitions for my VFX career is to keep improving in both technical and artistic skills, to meet and work with amazing talented artists and develop methodologies helping me efficiently produce more content for professional and personal projects.


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