Our Vaccination Drives in India

Continuing our work against COVID-19 across our Indian sites

During the pandemic, our teams in India have been focused on the safety, health and well-being of our DNEG and ReDefine employees across all of our Indian studios.

We’re pleased to share the success of our recent pan-India COVID-19 vaccination drives! 

Our first drive, held in June 2021, saw vaccinations made available across all our sites to employees, friends, and family. We organised a grand total of 3149 vaccinations across our Indian locations in this first round.

Our second drive, offering second doses of the vaccine, has just concluded. We worked in partnership with local hospitals to offer second jabs to all our crews, and a grand total of 1183 individuals took up the offer across our Indian sites.

The situation in India is continuing to improve, and we’re proud to say that making vaccinations easily accessible to our employees and their friends and family is an accomplishment that no other company in our industry has managed.

We also launched a reimbursement program to help cover the costs where our people had arranged their own vaccinations.

Our thanks go out to all the volunteers that selflessly gave their time and energy to helping make our vaccination drives such a success. Our response to the COVID situation in India was a huge achievement, and one that we can all be proud of.




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