Making a Splash with Rebelway


Empowering our artists with the right tools and knowledge is critical to our mission to transform the future of storytelling – and our recent training collaboration with Rebelway is a great example of us diving right in with the best!

Over thirty DNEG FX artists from across our global studios participated in Rebelway’s Water FX in Houdini course. Led by renowned water expert and co-founder Igor Zanic, the eight week program explored all aspects of shotwork, including simulation, geometry prep, shading, lighting, rendering and comp.

In addition to full-time support and over 30 hours of detailed video training, our artists received studio time and resources that allowed them to sharpen their skills whilst working on productions simultaneously. Water FX is a difficult subject to master, but so crucial to realistic work — so we were pleased to have VFX and DNEG Animation artists from London, Montreal, Vancouver, and Mumbai on the course.

Since completing the programme, our artists have applied some of the learnings on upcoming projects such as ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, ‘Uncharted’, and ‘Under The Boardwalk’. The results have blown us out of the water, no pun intended…

We’re always proud to partner with industry leaders and organizations to offer our artists unique opportunities for professional development and hands-on training. Ollie Hilbert, Head Of Training – North America, had the following to say about the experience:

“DNEG’s training department specializes in providing high quality and effective onboarding, learning through training projects, internal courses and user groups, alongside exploring both technical and creative training programs facilitated by external training providers and experts, such as Rebelway. A huge thank you to Igor for running such an immersive and insightful course and such great live Q&A sessions for us as well.”

While we can’t tell you about the work being done on unreleased projects, here’s a sneak peek at some of the assets our incredible cohort produced during the course!

To read more about Rebelway (and access the first week of the Water FX in Houdini course for free!) click here. Then check out a few of our favourite shows from our filmography that feature extensive Water FX:


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