Shahan Miah


How would you describe the DNEG Greenlight program in three words?

Exciting, Insightful, Welcoming.

What courses did you study and how do you think that contributed to your success?

I studied 3D animation and modelling, which taught me basic skills of 3d workflow and practices and gave me the opportunity to collaborate and work with others on projects.

Can you tell us about the project you worked on during your Greenlight program and what you’ve learned from it?

We worked on a short film created by Nico Joana Weber following an albino alligator exploring Paris. We were tasked with creating/integrating a CG version of the alligator. Theo Facey and Ariele Prodrieder led us through this project while adhering to the DNEG film/vfx pipeline, allowing me to become familiar with the company’s workflow and practices. This helped me to confidently tackle the tasks given on other shows and projects I’ve worked on at DNEG.

What did you enjoy most about the work you were tasked with during Greenlight?

Meeting new people not only on the program but throughout the company, getting the chance to learn from them and becoming part of the team.

What was the most difficult challenge you faced in the program and how did you tackle it?

Building a high fidelity CFX rig from scratch and running the rig simulations in shots, I used the same workflow that lead creature TD Amy Thomas was using on the show F9: The Fast Saga (Fast & Furious 9) and with her guidance was able to create a CFX rig robust enough to run in shots.

How did your Greenlight trainers and mentors support your learning and growth?

Jahirul Amin was a great trainer, he went through with us the whole 2D and 3D pipeline, gave us onset demonstrations and brought in artists from various departments to give us masterclasses about their specialism. My CFX mentor Amy Thomas helped throughout the project and was always someone I could turn to for advice.

Why would you recommend the Greenlight Program?

It’s a great gateway into the industry, it gives you time to adjust and not be overwhelmed to the new environment and working pressures

What would be your advice to future Greenlighters? 

It will feel like it goes by super quickly so enjoy and try to make the most of it, don’t be shy to talk to people and ask questions.

What are your future ambitions for your VFX career?

I would like to continue developing my skill and experience as a Creature TD, moving into more senior roles at the company and becoming a more integral part of shows and teams.


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