World Wellbeing Week

Supporting wellness at DNEG

Different Dimensions of Wellness at DNEG!

As this year’s World Wellbeing Week comes to an end, we’re highlighting some of the activities we organise here at DNEG to support good mental, physical and emotional health, in both our teams and our culture!

Current wellbeing models often describe eight dimensions of wellness. You can read more about them here. Today, we’re looking at how some of these dimensions shape wellness at DNEG.

Physical Wellness

The notion of health and wellness often summons a picture of Physical Wellness, and indeed this dimension is an important foundation for wellbeing.

At our DNEG India studio, Physical Wellness is supported through various company-wide initiatives, like the yoga classes held for World Yoga Day in June. In order to spread awareness and encourage our crew to adopt a healthy lifestyle, virtual yoga sessions were organised. Participants were taught various techniques to keep calm, from breathing techniques to yoga poses and musical meditation. Charanjeev Singh, Animator in Mumbai, took part:


“I really enjoyed taking part in the yoga class. It helped me relax and destress, and I look forward to such workshops in the future. Activities like this one help us to focus on ourselves and benefit both the mind and body. Thank you for conducting this workshop DNEG!”


Emotional Wellness

After physical health, Emotional Wellness is probably the other best-known dimension of wellness.

Our Thrive Mental Health and Wellbeing programme helps support Emotional Wellness by fostering awareness and communication around mental health. Click here to read our latest blog post where we talk about our Mental Health Champions and Allies, awareness events that we organise throughout the year, and DNEG’s dedicated Employee Resource Groups.


Social Wellness

Maintaining healthy relationships, developing supportive friendships and contributing to a community are all important elements contributing to Social Wellness.

At our DNEG Montreal and DNEG Vancouver studios, we host weekly get-togethers on Fridays — complete with pizza, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks! — to encourage team bonding. Maggy Pelletier, Office Manager, talks about the importance of the get-togethers she organises with her team in Montréal:


“Community is at the heart of DNEG, and our social events give staff members the ability to network with each other and make new connections. Our Friday get-togethers at DNEG Montreal are a perfect example of how Social Wellness is embedded into our culture — plus, it’s always fun to unwind together after a long week!”



Intellectual Wellness

The breakneck speed of innovation in our industry means that our team is in a constant state of learning, but Intellectual Wellness requires a variety of creative and mentally-stimulating activities beyond our training programmes.

DNEG supports Intellectual Wellness by hosting extracurricular activities that encourage creativity beyond the workplace. One example is our Lunchtime Life Drawing Classes hosted at our DNEG Vancouver studio by Vanessa Marshall, Artist Manager:


“Our Lunchtime Life Drawing Classes align with Intellectual Wellness as we are a creative work environment, and folks need a chance to connect to their creativity, do something outside of their normal day-to-day, and focus their brains in a different way than they would be during their regular work tasks. This allows people to recharge their creative batteries.”


We hope you enjoyed reading about (just some!) of the different ways wellness shows up here at DNEG. We’re currently hiring for positions globally, so if you’re interested in joining our team check out our open opportunities here. We look forward to hearing from you!




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