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DNEG’s Talent Acquisition specialists are the link between you and our team. We match the right people with the right opportunities.

We know our opportunities. We want to know you too. What your interests and goals are. If we know you, we can advise you on the best available openings worldwide.

We accept speculative applications for roles that we are not actively hiring for, so please register your details with us and we will contact you if we have suitable openings.

You can contact the Talent Acquisition team at:

How to apply.

Application forms, covering letters and CVs/résumés

We want to hear about your experience and education to date, and the best way to do that is with a clear CV or résumé, plus a supporting covering letter telling us why you want to join us.


All applications for artist roles should be supported with a showreel. Include a breakdown where possible, and information about what your work within the shot was. VFX and Animation are a team effort. Make sure it is clear what was your work and what wasn’t.


Quality over quantity. Present us with your highest quality work. We want to see the best of what you have created. A shorter but high-quality reel will impress more than a longer one with some of your earlier or simpler work. And remember, the first 10 seconds are where you make the biggest impact. Put your best work first.
Break it down. Where possible, show us a breakdown of the renders of key frames within the shot. Include a summary of what your work is in each shot.
Music. We tend to watch reels with the sound off, so please don’t spend time adding music or editing your reel to fit with a track.
Be relevant. The work on your showreel should reflect the work of the company and job you are applying to. If your best work is full-CG, stylized work, apply to roles in our Animation divisions, and if you love live-action, apply to our VFX divisions.

What to expect.

Telephone Interviews

If your application is shortlisted, you will be contacted by a member of the local Talent Acquisition team for an initial chat on the telephone. During this call, we want to get to know you. Sharing what you know starts here. Be open and honest with us. We’ll be honest with you in return about available opportunities.


If you are suitable for an open role, we’ll invite you to meet us in person, or on video call. You’ll meet two or three interviewers. They will want to hear about your past experiences, your skills and your values. And how they align with ours.


For some roles, you may be tested on your skills. This includes our software and pipeline development and engineering positions. If applicable, you will be sent a coding test to complete.
For other roles, including administration positions, you may be required to complete a test on-site at one of our studios.
Your Talent Acquisition Partner will be able to advise you on the process during your telephone interview.




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