COVID-19: How we’re responding

Our industry, like most other industries globally, is facing considerable challenges in responding to the new realities ahead. Our priority is always to provide a safe and sustainable workplace for our artists and employees across the world, and we are responding by deploying remote working for all those who can work from home, and following local government advice to ensure that we are always responsive to fast-changing priorities.

[Update] All of our teams in North America, the UK and India that are able to work from home are now fully set-up, allowing thousands of people to be safely at home with their families.

The challenges are many, but we are making great strides forward, with the full backing of our clients.

These uncertain times call for community, creativity and collaboration. Throughout our industry, remote technologies are being developed and tested on an unprecedented scale. We’d like to acknowledge the dedication and achievements of all the technology teams in our industry that are making this happen.

We remain committed to responding with urgency to the challenges ahead, and we will continue to prioritize the security and health of our talented teams, keeping them protected and enabled at all times.

Thank you.




Los Angeles