DNEG 360 Partners With Cambridge Picture Company on Sci-Fi Feature ‘Humanoid’

Film marks DNEG 360’s first co-production

DNEG 360 to co-produce and provide Virtual Production services for Sci-Fi Thriller

We are thrilled to announce DNEG 360’s partnership with Cambridge Picture Company to produce the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Humanoid. Set to commence shooting at our cutting-edge LED volume stage in London, this project marks DNEG 360’s first co-production partnership. DNEG 360, a division of DNEG launched in partnership with Dimension Studio, is also delivering virtual production services for the film.

Produced by Ivan Mactaggart (Loving Vincent, Red Joan) and helmed by writer-director Niall Johnson (Keeping Mum and the forthcoming Legend Has It), from an original script by Matt O’Reilly, Humanoid is an intense Sci-Fi Thriller about the lines we cross and the price we pay. On a lonely ship in deep space, Mason Archer fulfils his dream to rebuild his dead wife, Beth, lost to him several years before. For Mason, it’s a second chance to make everything work. For Beth, it’s the beginning of a terrifying journey of discovery into what it really means to be human. A world where nothing is what it seems, and where secrets lie hidden. Where memories can no longer be trusted…and neither can humans.

Here’s what producer Ivan Mactaggart had to say about the partnership:
“DNEG 360 and Dimension are the ideal partners to bring Niall Johnson’s thrilling sci-fi to life. Their passion for the project is inspiring, and their real-time and visual effects capabilities give us the opportunity to create a studio level project at an indie budget.”
Steve Griffith, Managing Director of DNEG 360, added:
“Humanoid is DNEG 360’s inaugural co-production and we’re excited to be partnering with the visionary Ivan and Niall to bring this powerful script to life. DNEG 360 is designed to bring filmmakers a more efficient and collaborative way to achieve their vision. We can’t wait to see the results of our work together.”


And we can’t wait to see the results of this exciting partnership!

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