DNEG at CAFÉ Conference 2022

Make new discoveries in visual effects and animation

We’re thrilled to be attending CAFÉ Conference 2022!

CAFÉ Conference is a gathering event for professionals in the field of visual effects and animation, where they can meet their community, exchange on the latest innovations and share their knowledge. Make new discoveries through technical conferences, business meetings, exclusive soirées, and more as VFX professionals share their experience on some of the biggest film and TV productions of the last few years!

WHERE: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
WHEN: June 7th – 8th 2022

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Creating the Visual Universe of DUNE

Panelists: Brian Connor (VFX Supervisor, DNEG) & Jordan Soles (VP of Technology and Development, Rodeo FX)
June 7 // 9:00 AM EST

Opening the conference as the keynote speaker, VFX Supervisor and Academy Award winner Brian Connor of DNEG Montreal is set to share an enlightening presentation on the visual effects work behind Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic 1965 novel, Dune.

Brian will be joined on stage by Jordan Soles, VP of Technology and Development at Rodeo FX to discuss DNEG’s impactful work that earned the studio its seventh Academy Award in the ‘Best Visual Effects’ category. Sharing rarely-before-seen breakdown footage and insight into the making of Dune’s visual universe, Brian will highlight DNEG’s stunning work across 28 sequences and nearly 1,200 VFX shots of the film’s 1,700 total. From massive and meticulously detailed FX simulations to sweeping environments, full-CG vehicles and creatures, this is a presentation not to be missed!


Meet DNEG Animation

Presenters: Marieke Van Neutigem (Pipeline Supervisor) & Chris Kirshbaum (Animation Director) 
June 7 // 4:00 PM EST

Join DNEG Animation’s Pipeline Supervisor, Marieke Van Neutigem, and Animation Director, Chris Kirshbaum, as they give a brief introduction to the animation studio behind Ron’s Gone Wrong, Oscar® qualifying short Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat, and the much anticipated upcoming movies Under the Boardwalk, Nimona and Garfield. They will outline what it’s like to be part of a startup animation studio within an established award-winning visual effects company, how they stay focused on the art and craft of animation while paying attention to where it’s going, and how they use groundbreaking technology to help them get there.


Virtual Production and the Long-term Impact on Pipelines

Presenter: Philipp Wolf (Executive-in-Charge, Corporate Strategy)
June 8 // 9:00 AM EST

Join DNEG’s Philipp Wolf (Executive-in-Charge, Corporate Strategy) for a discussion on the advantages of real-time technology, and how industry leaders see this technology impacting the way they do business in the long-term. Philipp will cover the potential changes in bidding processes, pipelines and more, while examining the limitations of this technology and its obstacles.


Innovative Technologies into Established Pipelines – Challenges and Solutions

Moderator: Martine Bertand (Senior Researcher AI)
June 8 // 3:00 PM EST 

Through the experience of CTOs and Heads of Research from the industry, come and participate in a discussion on the implementation of innovative technologies and methodologies in production pipelines. The panelists will present the challenges and solutions that have emerged from their experience and will share their vision on the future of new technologies in production and how to deal with them.


We can’t wait to see you there!




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