DNEG at FMX 2022

explore the best of animation, effects, immersive & interactive media

We’re thrilled to be participating in this year’s FMX conference, Changing the Game!

With the evolution of virtual production, realtime, remote and virtual workflows increasingly improving collaboration and flexibility, projects of all sizes are now embracing realtime workflows over the traditional linear model.

This year’s conference is taking a look at the people and projects that are changing the game of production in unprecedented ways!

WHERE: Online & in-person in Stuttgart, Germany – check out the FMX 2022 webpage for more details!
WHEN: In-person: May 3rd – 5th, 2022 // Virtual: May 6th

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Panels & Presentations:

Tuesday, May 3 


An Epic Animation Journey with William Joyce & DNEG Animation

Tuesday, May 3 // 10:00 AM CEST

‘Mr. Spam Gets A New Hat’ is a short film collaboration between DNEG Animation and Academy Award-winning director, William Joyce. This was the first film at DNEG Animation to utilize real time technology, and required creative problem solving from the production, technology and leadership teams. After an introduction from William Joyce, the makers of the short will discuss their creative journey and the impact that using Unreal Engine had on the production schedule. They will then move into an exciting live demo that demonstrates what a live review with the director was like (and give a sneak peek at the tools used).



Wednesday, May 4

An Introduction to DNEG

Wednesday, May 4 // 10:30 AM CEST

Come and join Jim and David at 10:30am on Wednesday 4th May in Raum Reutlingen for a presentation into life at DNEG and how you can join in. We’ll be showing some exclusive DNEG content, talking about the company’s global opportunities, taking a look at entry-routes into the business, plus, career options as well as do’s, don’ts and other tips for making your application stand out.


The VFX of Apple TV+ space epic FOUNDATION

Wednesday, May 4 // 11:15 AM CEST

Inspired by Isaac Asimov’s SciFi book series ‘FOUNDATION’, Apple TV+ took on the challenge of adapting the complex science fiction classic into an episodic series. The spectacular show follows a band of exiles on a mission to save the Galactic Empire from destruction. Chris MacLean, Overall VFX Supervisor and Melaina Mace, DNEG CG Supervisor, will explain how the team invented the show’s unique visual language to immerse the audience in the galactic saga and how they created the dazzling VFX.


LED Wall Fireside Chat

Wednesday, May 4 // 5:00 PM CEST

DNEG Animation’s Shelley Smith joins this exciting and insightful fireside chat, taking place on the VP stage at FMX with Industry pioneers such as Paul Debevec (Netflix), Mikko Matikainen (The Mill) and David Sheldon-Hicks (Territory Studios) as they go deep and candid about Virtual Production and its future.



Friday, May 6

Desert Power: The Visual Effects of Dune

Friday, May 6 // 6:45 PM CEST

In this session, the Oscar-winning DNEG team behind the visual effects for ‘Dune’ will take you behind the scenes and dive into some of the work that brought the iconic film to life. DNEG’s Rhys Salcombe, Francesco Dell’anna and Marc Austin will share insights on how some of their biggest challenges were solved. They’ll be breaking down some of the key sequences and techniques, including how on-set innovations helped to achieve a cohesive look in post production, how to sell the scale of giant creatures moving through vast desert landscapes, and how to make a city on an alien planet feel ‘lived-in’.


Last but not least, don’t forget to drop by our DNEG Recruitment Booth to meet our team! We’ll be there every day. More details here.

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