DNEG at GTC 2022

The Developer Conference for the Era of AI

We’re thrilled to be participating in this year’s GTC conference!

This year, GTC is all about discovery. Explore what’s driving transformation in our industry—from the power of AI to the collaborative virtual worlds of NVIDIA Omniverse, and beyond!

When: March 21-24
Where: Online
Cost: Free to attend! Register here.


Transforming Global Film Production Workflows with Omniverse

Wednesday, March 23 | 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM PDT/ 7:00 PM – 7:50 PM GMT

Real-time technologies and collaborative workflows will reinvent the artist experience and empower geographically diverse pipeline teams with next-generation tooling. Traditional production pipelines for offline render can require lengthy cycles between content generation and final review. As legacy solutions need tens of hours to render and transfer terabytes of data in studio, or globally between locations, production teams do not enjoy immediate feedback on changes. In this session, DNEG’s Roy C. Anthony (Global Head of Research), Theo Facey (Global Head of Creature), Mike Corcoran (Global Workflow Architect (Creatures)), Eve Levasseur-Marineau (CG Supervisor) and Bernhard Kerschbaumer (Global Workflow Architect, Shots), will share their explorations into Omniverse and GPU-accelerated workflows based on USD (Universal Scene Description), to provide a peek into the future of production.




Los Angeles