DNEG at Spark FX 2020

Panels, Career Fair & Open Source Summit

We are excited to announce that we will be attending Spark FX for the fourth consecutive year this February 14-16 in Vancouver, Canada.

Career Fair

Learn about new job opportunities at our global studios!

Come and meet us at the SPARK FX Career Fair on Saturday, February 15th. Our Talent Acquisition Partners, Marissa Ng and Zach Peterson will be at the DNEG booth from 9:30am to 5pm. Drop by to hear about our career opportunities worldwide.

Check out our careers page!

Panels & Presentations 

Our DNEG team is thrilled to be part of the three-day SPARK FX conference that is packed with interesting panels and show talks this year. You’ll find our DNEG crew taking part in a variety of industry panels ranging from the ‘changing role and challenges of a VFX Supervisor’ to ‘realistic animation for characters’. DNEG’s Colour Supervisor, Mario Rokicki, will be presenting on Open Colour IO at SPARK’s very first Open Source Summit.

Ask the Supervisors: Insights & Tips from the Top 
Presented by Foundry with Chris Downs (DNEG), Betsy Paterson (independent) and Joern Grosshans (Image Engine Design)
Feb 14th, 7:30am

VFX Supervisors are the leaders and creative thinkers bringing a director’s vision to life. In an industry in constant evolution, adaptation and creativity are primordial qualities for the position.  Join DNEG’s Chris Downs, along with VFX Supervisors Betsy Paterson and Joern Grosshans, who will be discussing the changes and future of the role of VFX Supervisor, as well as the most exciting new and developing tech in the field.

Superheroes & Supervillains: Animating Realistic Characters in VFX
Presented by Digital Domain with Liz Bernard and Jan Philip Cramer, moderated by Aaron Gilman (DNEG)
Feb 15th, 9:30am

Join DNEG’s Head of Animation Vancouver, Aaron Gilman, who will be moderating a talk on the challenges of bringing CG characters to life from mocap to keyframe, featuring Digital Domain’s Animation Supervisor Liz Bernard and Head of Animation Jan Philip Cramer.

Session the invisible pre & post VFX of Ford VS Ferrari
Presented by Method Studios & Halon moderate by Jessica Glass with Dave Morley, Kristin Turnipseed & Taylor Lenton
Feb 15th, 4pm

From previs through final pixels, Halon Entertainment and Method Studios take you through the creative and collaborative process of the Academy-Award Best Picture nominated Ford v Ferrari.


Open Source Summit

In partnership with the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), Sunday Feb 16th will be dedicated to open source projects for visual effects. This is your chance to meet the leaders in the community and to get insight on how open source is used in the VFX industry, and see how the ASWF brings technology and artistry together in Vancouver’s budding VFX open source community.

Change in the Air: Open Source & VFX
With Zoe Cranley (DNEG), David Morin (ASWF, Epic Games) and McCoy Smith (Lex Pan Law)
Feb 16th, 9:30am

Join DNEG’s Head of Build, Zoe Cranley as she discusses the challenges of open source software along with David Morin and McCoy Smith. They’ll be discussing how the  Academy Software Foundation is working to address various challenges to ensure a healthy open source environment. They’ll be discussing the evolution of legal mechanisms in free and open source software over the past 30 years.

OpenColorIO – Consistent Colour Mgmt for VFX & Animation Pipelines
Mario Rokicki (DNEG) and Matthias Scharfenberg (ILM)
Feb 16th, 1:15pm

Join DNEG’s Colour Supervisor, Mario Rokicki and ILM’s Sr Colour Scientist, Matthias Scharfenberg for a Birds of a Feather session on Open Color IO. As part of SPARK FX’s Open Source Summit, they will discuss and demonstrate the possibilities of the software, which is widely used in VFX facilities and incorporated into most Digital Content Creation tools for CG, matte painting, compositing and more.

A Cinematic Challenge: Going Real-Time in Gears 5
With Greg Mitchell (Coalition Studio), moderated by Fred Chapman (DNEG)
Feb 16th, 2:45pm

DNEG’s Vancouver Head of Creature, Fred Chapman will be moderating this talk on the intricacies of integrating real-time cinematics into the famous Gears of War 5. From pre-rendered cinematics to the end results, come learn how Greg Mitchell and the pre-rendered cinematics’ team overcame the challenges of weaving the cutscenes into the inner workings of the game.

VFX & Open Source Futures
With Zoe Cranley (DNEG), David Morin (ASWF, Epic Games), Hank Driskill (Blue Sky Studios) and McCoy Smith (Lex Pan Law)
Feb 16th, 4:15pm

Join what is expected to be a lively panel discussion on how to create a local art and tech community for open source, innovation and visual effects.



Performance Theatre
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2W3

Visit the SPARK FX website here for tickets and to learn more about the conference and career fair.




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