Introducing DNEG #DEEPDIVE – Our New Webinar Series

A Place for Dialogue and Discovery

So much of the movie magic we all know and love is made possible by the incredible work of those working in the visual effects industry…

… and here at DNEG we want to celebrate their achievements — every groundbreaking innovation, new technology and creative breakthrough!

That’s why we’re rolling out our new FREE webinar series: #DNEGDeepDive.

#DNEGDeepDive webinars will spotlight our remarkable talent, who will bring audiences along as they dive deep (sorry) into their specialties and passions. A place for dialogue and discovery, our #DeepDive sessions will offer anyone who loves visual effects the opportunity to learn more and engage with industry experts.

And we’re thrilled to share that our inaugural session, titled “The Revolution: The New Era Of Facial Performance” will take place on Thursday, August 5th at 12:00PM PDT!


Featuring our very own David Andrews (Animation Director) and Mike Corcoran (Global Workflow Architect, Creatures & Characters), this first webinar delves into the fascinating history and ongoing development of facial performance and animation. Ever wonder what the secret is behind getting a CGI face to believably convey emotion — or where and how machine learning is being used in these processes? Then this is the event for you!

Read the official event description below:



The Revolution: The New Era Of Facial Performance

Emerging technologies and exponential innovation have made the visual effects industry an exciting place to be — and the fascinating field of facial animation is no exception.

In this first installment of DNEG’s #DeepDive series, DNEG Animation Director David Andrews and Mike Corcoran, Global Workflow Architect (Creatures & Characters) discuss the ongoing revolution of technology and facial performance.

Using tools such as Unreal’s MetaHuman Creator, ZivaRT and Live Link, the two demonstrate how today’s tools and techniques are transforming processes of facial rigging and animation. From exploring how new face rigs move beyond FACS and previous blendshape types, to the employment of machine learning, this #DNEGDeepDive invites us to take a closer look at new workflows and creative horizons.

This talk compels audiences to consider a variety of thought provoking questions such as: How are MetaHumans being used in VFX production? How accessible is this technology to independent filmmakers and studios? How do these tools reshape our process of communicating emotion or characters? And most importantly, why our experts agree that ‘revolutionary’ is the best description of the changes that are happening in our industry.


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