DNEG on BBC Click and The Corridor Crew

Huw Evans and Robyn Luckham take the lead in showcasing some amazing work!

We’re all on tenterhooks for the results of today’s VES Awards (as well as the rest of 2022’s awards season) – but in the meantime, we’re proud to share a couple of brilliant insights into our work on two of the most recognised films of last year – The Matrix Resurrections and Dune.


BBC Click

We were thrilled to see VFX Supervisor Huw Evans appearing on BBC Click to talk about all things The Matrix Resurrections – from the huge expectations around the franchise’s return to screens to tracking down and opening assets from the original films!


The Corridor Crew

We were also incredibly proud to see our Global Head of Animation Robyn Luckham on the latest episode of VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi with The Corridor Crew, talking about the work of his team on Dune.


Thanks to Huw and Robyn for representing DNEG and showcasing some of the best of our work ahead of this year’s awards.




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