DNEG at Pixar’s Renderman Arts & Science Fair

How to Build a Feature Animation Pipeline from the Ground Up!

Fresh off the release of the trailer for our first ever Feature Animation project, Ron’s Gone Wrong, our incredible Feature Animation team will be at Pixar’s RenderMan Art and Science Fair this August 3rd & 4th!

Tune in on Wednesday, August 4th 2021 – 9:00 AM (PDT) to hear from Paul Baaske (Global Workflow Architect, Feature Animation), Taylor Moll (VFX Supervisor & Head of Build, Feature Animation), Tom Jacomb (Managing Director, Feature Animation), Philippe Denis (VFX Supervisor, Feature Animation) and Aysha Madina (Animation Technical Supervisor).

In this panel discussion, the group will talk about how they built a brand new Feature Animation studio from the ground up, and how they transitioned from DNEG’s VFX pipeline to the animation pipeline that allowed them to deliver ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ – and move into production on four new animated shows!

With a focus on narrative storytelling and prioritizing stylization over photorealism, they will discuss how the implementation of Katana and RenderMan into the pipeline helped them to navigate new creative challenges. From optimizing for sequence-based animation to fine-tuning other production efficiencies, come along on their journey and find out all about crafting feature length animated projects.

Moderated by Jinko Gotoh, Producer at Netflix, this is not one to miss!

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