DNEG teams honoured at the VAM Summit & Awards 2024!

A recap of the 2024 edition

DNEG picks up four awards at the 2024 VAM Summit & Awards!

We are thrilled to share that our DNEG teams have been honoured with four awards at the 2024 VAM Summit & Awards, held in Mumbai last week. VAM is a gathering of leading voices from the VFX and related industries in India, focused on current trends, emerging technologies, industry developments and more!

First up, VES Award-winning NYAD, which tells the story of Diana Nyad’s incredible 110-mile ocean swim from Cuba to Key West, won the Best VFX Feature (International & Domestic) award. As the lead VFX partner for the production, we crafted a photorealistic ocean, brought to life as a dynamic character in the narrative, and developed crucial CG assets including a digital double of Nyad, The Voyager boat, kayaks, and menacing jellyfish. Read more about our work here.

Second, our work on Emmy and VES Award-winning hit series The Last of Us for HBO Max received the Best Premium Original Series (with VFX) International award. Our crew created evocative digital environments and other VFX work that helped to place the action in the dystopian settings of the popular video game. The team delivered over 530 shots in 71 sequences across seven episodes to vividly bring to life post-apocalyptic landscapes from Austin to Boston, Salt Lake City, and Jackson Hole. Read more about our work here.

Best VFX Feature (International & Domestic)- NYAD
Best Premium Original Series (with VFX) International- The Last of Us

And of course, huge congratulations to our very own Michael Grobe, VFX Supervisor for winning the Best VFX Supervisor (International) award & Puja Parikh, Head of Creative Operations (India) on receiving the Best Women in VFX award.


“Grateful for the recognition, I believe in empowering my team to unlock their full potential. This award is a testament to our collaborative efforts and dedication to excellence.” – Michael Grobe

Best Women in VFX- Puja Parikh

“I’m so incredibly honored to be recognized alongside so many talented women in VFX at the VAM Awards. This award wouldn’t be possible without the incredible team of artists I work with. Their constant support and collaboration have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of this industry. Here’s to keeping the magic alive on screen, together!” – Puja Parikh


In addition to the awards ceremony, A R Seshaprasad, DNEG Head of Studio (India), moderated ‘Crafting Cinematic Brilliance: Synergy Between DOPs & VFX Supervisors’. Featuring Arpan Gaglani (Co-Founder & MD, philmCGI), Aseem Bajaj (Producer/DOP), Gautami Vegiraju (Director of Photography), Bhanu Prakash (VFX Supervisor, ReDefine) & Dr. Rajeev Rastogi (VFX Head/VFX Producer, Excel Entertainment), the panel discussion explored how the collaboration between DOPs and VFX supervisors has evolved in recent years and how technology advancements like virtual production and real-time rendering have impacted this collaboration over the years.


“VAM’24 was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow VFX professionals and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Moderating the session on ‘Crafting Cinematic Brilliance: Synergy Between DOPs and VFX Supervisors’ was truly rewarding. Witnessing these practitioners convene underscored the vital role collaboration plays between DPs and VFX supervisors in realizing a filmmaker’s vision.” – A R Seshaprasad

(From left to right – A R Seshaprasad, Gautami Vegiraju, Bhanu Prakash, Dr. Rajeev Rastogi, Aseem Bajaj and Arpan Gaglani)

Find the full list of award winners and read more about the VAM Summit & Awards here.


Congratulations again to all the winners and a big thank you to the VAM Summit & Awards organisers!




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