DNEG teams up with Spectrum Productions in Montreal

Working together to support young filmmakers with autism

DNEG is proud to announce that its Montreal studio will be joining forces with Spectrum Productions this summer.

The organization helps young creatives with autism develop their skills through a variety of after-school programs, clubs and camps that support their creative journey and development.

DNEG is proud to be collaborating with Spectrum Productions on their biannual film camp in a pilot that will give the young filmmakers the materials they need to focus on their storytelling. Spectrum’s film camp is an opportunity for them to get hands-on experience as they recreate all aspects of an actual film crew, both in front of and behind the camera, learning the basics of production while producing original shorts, animation, documentaries, music videos and live action films.

As Spectrum Productions will be holding their summer film camp virtually this year, DNEG staff are creating a library of 3D Assets and Environments to support the campers’ productions. Our teams will work on preparing 3D environments, characters and other assets in themed scenes, to help the Spectrum summer camp creators bridge the technical skills gap of more complex 3D programs and digital creation spaces. We hope that our assets will help support the Spectrum team in developing young creatives’ skills in storytelling and film production and open new possibilities for them in the world of filmmaking.

“It’s great to be taking our partnership with Spectrum Productions to the next level. Over the last year, our supervisors who visited their studio have been amazed with what they’ve achieved, and when they brought last year’s finished projects in to be screened, I was genuinely impressed by the results of their creatives’ work. I’m really excited to see what they do with the material that we’re hoping to produce for this summer’s course!” – Gavin Graham, General Manager of DNEG in Montreal.

Spectrum will be holding its virtual film camps from June 15th to August 14th 2020. Their final projects will be presented at the Spectrum Productions Annual Gala and the Spectrum Fest.

We are excited to see the young filmmakers projects come alive and are thrilled about the opportunity to continue our collaboration.




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