DNEG Vancouver Greenlight 2019

Make Your Story Spectacular

A first step in the VFX world, the Greenlight program delivers intensive dedicated training, live production experience, and mentoring with existing DNEG artists and supervisors. Greenlight is designed to offer support and expertise to fully realize the potential of the next generation of VFX artists.

We are looking for applicants open to learning and developing their skills for the duration of Greenlight and beyond. Successful applicants will be expected to work alongside and collaborate with other crew in a professional industry environment. They will stretch themselves to deliver both training and live production tasks to the highest standard.

This year Vancouver’s Greenlight will run in Compositing, Environment Generalist, and Build departments. With a six-week training and a conditional upon performance 12-week production training.

The program is divided into two parts:

Part 1 – Classroom Training will run for 6 weeks.

Part 2 – On Production Training, will run for 12 weeks commencing in January 2020.

Photo: 2018 Creature Greenlight Trainees, Vancouver


The Compositing Greenlight program will help successful candidates learn how to become an accomplished artist by working with our award-winning Compositing team.

You will be guided through industry-standard techniques in roto and prep, all on shots from our latest and current shows. From there we will upskill this fundamental knowledge and take a step up into Compositing, teaching you all the skills our artists use. This unique opportunity gives you the chance to regularly present your work back to supervisors and leads for essential feedback.

To apply for our Compositing Greenlight and for more information, please click here.

Environment Generalist

The EnvGen Greenlight program will cover the broad spectrum of work undertaken by our Environments and Generalist team. This includes modelling, texturing, look development, scene building, lighting, matte painting, and 2.5D camera mapping techniques.

With an early emphasis on the artistic fundamentals of creating a VFX shot, we move quickly into the practical application of 2D and 3D Generalist workflows. If you have an interest in doing complete shots from start to finish, this is the Greenlight for you! 

To apply for our Environment Generalist Greenlight and for more information, please click here.


The Build Greenlight program will fully embed you in a professional, top tier studio environment where you’ll create assets from model through texturing and final lookdev alongside our talented industry veterans.

This opportunity will offer mentorship, tutorials, and lessons given by the training team, Build Supervisors, and lead artists. You also will have the opportunity to work on a project in Build at DNEG and will present this back to Supervisors and lead artists for feedback!

To apply for our Build Greenlight and for more information, please click here.

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