DNEG helps inspire the NextGen at ‘Future You Camp’

Partners with ‘Big Sisters’ to share insights and experience

Last week, our Vancouver studio partnered with Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland (BSBCLM) to help inspire future generations. At the ‘Future You Camp’ on July 11th 2019, BSBCLM connected 13 to 17-year-olds to women in a diverse range of industries, encouraging them to think about college, careers, and most importantly, their future.

Alongside our participation in two of the panels, DNEG employees shared their experiences of having a unique career path and working in STEM.

Sophie Robinson, DNEG Artist Manager, spoke about her experience of moving from an artist role to a management role. With experience in almost every aspect of the DNEG pipeline, Sophie shared with the campers that where you start your career is not necessarily where you end up. Throughout Sophie’s nine years at DNEG, her work has adapted to her interests, and she has diversified her skills to become the leader she is today. “Things may feel definitive, but they don’t need to be,” said Sophie.

Rosie Walker, VFX Trainer at DNEG, spoke alongside other women prominent in the STEM world. Rosie became a trainer at DNEG to help shape skills across departments. Her determination in learning her craft is what has pushed her to become the professional she is today. Her message – “By believing there is a ceiling, you are creating one” – along with Sophie’s words, seemed to really resonate with the kids in the audience at a time where they are on the cusp of decisions and change.

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland (BSBCLM) is a non-profit organization that is committed to enhancing the confidence, self-esteem, and well-being of female, transgender, and non-binary youth through supportive relationships with mentors.






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