DNEG wins ‘Best Supporting VFX’ at VES Awards

TV team brings home award for work on 'Chernobyl'

We are thrilled to announce that DNEG was honoured last night with it’s 11th Visual Effects Society Award at the 18th Annual VES Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Our talented VFX crew took home the award for our work on ‘Chernobyl’. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone involved in the making of this TV series! Here’s some more information about our work on the show:

‘Chernobyl’winner in the ‘Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode’ category Max Dennison, Lindsay McFarlane, Clare Cheetham, Paul Jones, Claudius Christian Rauch

Led by VFX Supervisor Max Dennison, DNEG’s TV VFX team delivered around 550 visual effects shots for the series that included creating the RBMK-type nuclear reactor building inside and out, developing complex destruction and smoke simulations, and researching and designing never-before-seen shots, such as the look down into the burning reactor core. Many of the VFX shots had live-action plate integration, but there were also full CG shots which had to seamlessly match the tone, style and feel of the surrounding drama shots.

This is the third award that DNEG has received for its work on ‘Chernobyl’, following the Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role’ last September, and a Broadcast Tech Innovation Award for ‘Best VFX Project’ in October.

Watch our ‘Chernobyl’ Behind the VFX video series here.

More information about the 18th Annual VES Awards available here.




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