Emmy Awards 2022: Two Nominations for DNEG!


Our Episodic team has received Emmy nominations for its work on Foundation and Stranger Things!

We’re thrilled to share that our talented Episodic VFX team has received two Emmy nominations for ‘Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Season Or A Movie’ for their spectacular work on AppleTV+’s Foundation and Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4!


Based on the landmark sci-fi novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation follows a band of exiles in a distant, intergalactic future. Our Episodic team, led by DNEG VFX Supervisor Chris Keller and DNEG VFX Producer Jess Brown, was the lead VFX partner on the show, delivering 1050 shots throughout the series’ 10 episodes, covering all elements of the visual effects process, including Previs, Postvis, MGFX and Virtual Production asset builds, as well as our complicated visual effects sequences.

DNEG Episodic’s key sequences included the creation of the city of Trantor, the Imperial Palace and Orbital Station, MGFX work to create the show’s ‘Sandograms’, and more. Our talented team previously won two VES Awards for their work on this show. You can also catch behind-the-scenes insights about our Emmy nominated work in our most recent DNEG DeepDive session here.



The fourth season of Stranger Things shattered Netflix viewing records (and even briefly crashed the streaming platform!) upon the release of Volume 2 earlier this month. Led by DNEG VFX Supervisor Neil Eskuri and VFX Producer Lauren Weidel, our team delivered 290 shots across the series.

Key sequences for DNEG included the design and animation of the series’ evil ‘Vecna bats’, which battle the show’s protagonists in a climactic fight. Our team’s work included tail and membrane simulations, dust and blood FX and CG/plate integration as well as the delivery of a single shot encompassing 5 plates stitched together to create a seamless one minute long fight shot — 1617 frames of pure mayhem!


Huge congratulations to our outstanding teams, and to all our fellow nominees!

Learn more about our work on Foundation and Season 4 of Stranger Things.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Award Ceremony is set to take place Monday, September 12th. Read about all the nominations here!




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