First Look at ‘Mr Spam Gets a New Hat’!

New Trailer for Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Bill Joyce’s New Animated Short is Here

We’re delighted to share the trailer for ‘Mr. Spam Gets A New Hat’, the imaginative new animated short from critically acclaimed filmmaker Bill Joyce.


Set to receive its North American premiere at the San Diego International Film Festival later this month, ‘Mr. Spam Gets A New Hat’ is an enchanting story of love and salvation co-produced by David Prescott and DNEG Animation.

Inspired by early silent cinema and set in 1927, the film follows a visionary inventor called Mr Spam, whose job at the Hammer to Heads factory smashes his hat along with his dreams. Speaking about his initial concept for the story, Bill Joyce reflects:

The very first inklings behind Mr Spam Gets A New Hat came from a friend of mine. I asked him if he liked his job and he said that he’d rather be hit in the head with a hammer all day long. A very vivid image came to mind – of a man who can’t pry the hat off his head and so can’t get his dreams out.


While we don’t want to give away too much, we will share that the story takes a magical and surreal turn…

To realize Bill’s personal vision for this project, the DNEG Animation team turned to real-time rendering tools to innovate new animation workflows.

Likening the experience of working with Unreal Engine to the pioneering spirit of silent cinema — a core inspiration to the project — Bill Joyce said:

Some of the ways we were able to work simply weren’t possible before in animation. Every step in this new process carried through that fundamental sense of exploration and optimism that I feel makes for a buoyant, uplifting piece. I have never felt more freedom as a director, or worked in such a ‘yes we can’ environment on anything I’ve ever worked on. Every moment spent crafting the world and the look and the story of Mr Spam was a joy, and it did wonderful things for my soul.


Speaking of the technical and creative collaboration on the project, David Prescott said:


The feedback loop in animation can take weeks – but in some cases on Mr Spam we were actually working in real-time, with Bill able to go through and direct sequences within the game engine… When you can get a group of people together who are willing to walk down that unknown path together… well, that’s when the magic happens. I couldn’t be prouder of the team’s work on Mr Spam.





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