DNEG’s Paul Lambert talks about First Man VFX

DNEG celebrates World Space Week 2018

DNEG’s Oscar-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Paul Lambert will give a ‘behind the screens’ talk and Q&A about his recent work as Overall VFX Supervisor on Universal Picture’s space biopic: First Man.

On Saturday, members of the Visual Effects Society (VES) will have a unique opportunity to hear Paul talk about the breathtaking VFX on First Man and enjoy a pre-release screening of the movie, which charts Neil Armstrong’s story of the legendary Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. Paul will be joined for the Q&A by JD Schwalm, Special Effects Supervisor, and Ian Hunter, Miniatures Supervisor. Jeff Okun, Chair of VES, will be the moderator.

While Paul’s presentation will take place in Los Angeles, there will be simultaneous screenings and a live Q&A for members of VES in Vancouver, Toronto, London and the Bay Area.

DNEG was the lead VFX vendor for this truly ‘out of this world’ movie and the VES Vancouver screening will take place at our studio, giving many colleagues their first opportunity to enjoy the complete film.

Check out this clip from First Man!

If you’re not a member of VES, then you will have to wait a little longer to see the full movie, which is released in theatres next week.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s an extended clip of First Man – so sit back and prepare for blast off!

We’re celebrating World Space Week

The release of First Man will coincide with the closing days of World Space Week. This is an annual UN-led global initiative to celebrate the international contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.

Throughout World Space Week, we’ll be sharing more details about some of our favourite space-related projects that we’ve worked on over the course of our 20-year history.

Check out our first World Space Week story for more on the relationship between VFX and space and look out for more stories over the coming days.




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