DNEG at FMX 2021

Virtual Presentations, Workshops, Panels & Master Classes

DNEG is thrilled to be participating in FMX 2021 ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’— available virtually this year!

Brimming with presentations, workshops and exclusive events, this year’s FMX is the perfect place to connect with industry professionals and students around the world. Presentations will be available until July 31st via video-on-demand, but tune in May 4-6 for exclusive presentations and live Q&As!

For 25 years, FMX has been home to an international exchange about the latest projects, tools and techniques that have constantly advanced the quality, efficiency, and creativity in media and entertainment production.

WHERE: Online, check out the FMX website for more details and tickets.

WHEN: May 4th to May 7th 2021 (with presentations available until July 31st)

COST: 120 Euro for Professionals, 60 Euro for Students (with valid ID)

Presentations will be available until July 31 and tickets will be available to purchase until July 30, 2021.

Panels & Presentations

Don’t miss the following highlights, presented by the DNEG crew.

After the Dominoes Have Fallen: Where Do We Go From Here? | Technology Panel

With Paul Salvini, Global Chief Technology Officer 
& Kathleen Maher (JPR), Jon Peddie (JPR), Manne Ohrstrom (Framestore), Sam Nicholson (Stargate Studios) and Mathieu Mazerolle (Foundry)
Thursday, May 6, 17:00 BST

Tech leaders and visionaries in content creation talk about the new practices adopted and how they’re changing the way entertainment is being produced. The shocking path of the Coronavirus pandemic through the business world, retail, society, and families has transformed the entertainment industry. After all, our entertainment is a reflection of the lives we’ve been living, but in 2020 our lives have changed dramatically. What has it done to entertainment? The developers and company leaders in the content creation business were already charting a steady course to new digital workflows. The pandemic accelerated the process and as a result 2020 has been a year of unintended experimentation. What can we expect in new tools.


Fast & Flexible: Motion Graphics in the VFX Pipeline

With Barry Corcoran, Head of Motion Graphics
Wednesday, May 5, 12:30 BST

DNEG Head of Motion Graphics Barry Corcoran locates the future of motion graphics – both in the VFX pipeline and in the creative industries broadly. Drawing on his background in complex graphical sequences and UI design, Barry illustrates this deep-dive into MGFX with his team’s recent work on Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon‘ and The Fast & Furious franchise’s spin-off ‘Hobbs & Shaw‘. Key themes in this talk will include the integration of MGFX and lookdev processes in the VFX pipeline, procedures for asset sharing and creative approaches, and the optimization of efficiency in workflows.


The TENET Effect: Unpacking the Collaboration of Special and Visual Effects

With Andrew Jackson, Overall VFX Supervisor and Scott Fisher
Interviewed by Mike Seymour, Moderated by Volker Engel

Tuesday, May 4, 14:00 BST

FX Supervisor Andrew Jackson sits down with Special Effects Supervisor Scott Fisher to discuss the harmonious coupling of special effects and visual effects in Christopher Nolan’s latest film, ‘TENET‘. Moderator Mike Seymour leads the two Oscar and BAFTA-winners to dissect the creative processes and unique collaboration that ultimately brought Nolan’s vision from script to screen. Along with teasing out the film’s critical concepts — for example, the scientific differences between ‘backwards’ and ‘inverted’ — this talk touches on the recent resurgence of in-camera practical effects, the iconic 747 crash scene, and much more. Don’t miss this deep dive into one of last year’s most innovative cinematic achievements.


Build Back Better: Three Key Areas for VFX and Feature Animation Studios in Post-Pandemic Recovery   &   VES Chapter Germany – Panel Discussion

Live Panels with Philipp Wolf, Executive-in-Charge, Corporate Strategy

Build Back Better: Tuesday, May 4, 13:15 BST

Philipp’s first panel, titled ‘Build Back Better: Three Key Areas for VFX and Feature Animation Studios in Post-Pandemic Recovery’ focuses on the educational repercussions of Covid. Panelists will discuss: how to elevate disadvantaged students in the industry by investing in education and skills, practical ways studios can increase minority inclusion, and the impact of WFH on mental health and listening in the industry.

VES Chapter Germany: Wednesday, May 5, 16:15 BST

The second VES Chapter panel will give the audience a behind-the-scenes look into the global work of the Visual Effects Society (VES). The panel discussion will be divided into three categories: A discussion about the new formed education committee from the VES, an interview and discussion about the new Health and Wellbeing committee, and a 25 minute Q&A at the end of the panel.


Adventures in Virtual Production with Paul Franklin

With Paul Franklin, Creative Director and VFX Supervisor
Thursday, May 6, 11:00 BST

Join DNEG Creative Director and Academy Award-winning VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin as he walks us through the creative process of his upcoming short film, ‘Fireworks’. Working with virtual production to achieve this project, Paul explains how these innovative techniques help shape each stage of creation – from conception and development through to production. Audiences will be treated to an insider perspective on what really happens to the creative process when the physical and virtual become intertwined by new virtual production practices.


Introduction to DNEG by Jim Brown 

With Jim Brown, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Thursday, May 6, 11:00 BST

Join Jim Brown, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at DNEG, for a brief introduction on what life is like at DNEG, the career routes available, tips for making your application stand out and some detailed looks at some of DNEG’s award-winning work. Ask all your burning questions to Jim Brown in the chat on the FMX event platform!





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