DNEG x Greenlight 2021


Be part of the next generation of VFX artists by joining DNEG’s Greenlight Training program!

This industry-leading initiative supports talented graduates and junior professionals who are looking to take their first steps in the VFX industry.

Trainees will be offered the chance to cut their teeth in our global Academy Award-winning studios. An intensive and dedicated training program immerses future VFX artists in a live production environment, coupled with classroom training, project work and mentorship from our department leads, supervisors and internal trainers.

You will also join our community of Greenlight alumni — the DNEG Greenlighters — and have the opportunity to foster new friendships, as well as make valuable industry connections.

About the program

  • The program is divided into two parts:
    • Part 1 – Classroom Training, will run for 5 weeks from 19th July 2021.
    • Part 2 – On Production Training, will run for a further 15 weeks from August 2021.
  • Trainees will gain experience on current feature film and TV projects, receiving on-the-job training from our experienced VFX artists in a live production environment.
  • At weeks 10 and 15, trainees will be assessed. Opportunities to progress into junior roles are offered to select candidates at the 15-week assessment point.
  • Greenlight offers an accelerated pathway into high-end VFX work and, as a result, trainees who successfully complete the full training program are regularly offered junior artist roles.
  • Trainees will be paid for the duration of the placement. DNEG does not currently provide housing or transportation assistance for this program.

Choose the right program for you

Build | Vancouver, Canada

Learn to create assets from model through texturing and final lookdev alongside our talented industry veterans! Lessons and tutorials constitute a structured curriculum, which is then bolstered by mentorship from the training team as well as Build supervisors and lead artists.

This comprehensive education involves practical on-the-job training — trainees will work on a project in Build at DNEG! At the end of the program, students will have a chance to present their work to supervisors and lead artists to gather valuable feedback.

Apply here  for the Vancouver Build Greenlight program. 

Creature | Vancouver, Canada & London, UK

Experience a top-tier studio environment where you’ll help bring cinematic creatures to life! From rigging to CFX and Shotsculpt, trainees can expect comprehensive tutorials and lessons covering the various components of creature creation. Students will also receive mentorship from DNEG’s training team, Creature supervisors and lead artists.

Put your lessons into practice by getting hands-on! You will have the opportunity to work on a project in Creature at DNEG and share your work in a feedback session with your supervising team.

Apply here  for the Vancouver Creature Greenlight program.

Apply here  for the London Creature Greenlight program.

Groom | London, UK

From setting up a groom, splitting it into areas, and building a set up – the groom program breaks down every detail of this creative process. Specially designed tutorials and lessons will provide a comprehensive education, whilst students will receive mentorship from Groom supervisors and lead artists, as well as DNEG’s training team.

Get production experience by applying your skills to a Groom project at DNEG. Working alongside a team of industry professionals, students will then have the opportunity to present their work to supervisors and lead artists for feedback at the end of their program.

Apply here  for the London Groom Greenlight program. 

Generalist | Montreal, Canada

The Generalist Greenlight program will fully embed trainees in a premium studio environment, where you’ll cover the broad spectrum of work undertaken by our Environments and Generalist team. This will include modelling, texturing, look development, scene building, lighting matte painting and 2.5D camera mapping techniques — all critical components to taking an idea from script to screen. If you have an interest in doing complete shots from start to finish, this is the Greenlight program for you!

This program offers tutorials and lessons as well as mentorship from industry veterans such as supervisors and lead artists. After putting your new skills to use on a project, trainees will have the opportunity to share their work with their mentors for guided feedback and insights.

Apply here  for the Montreal Generalist Greenlight program. 


Are you a:

→ recent graduate of a VFX, Animation or Games program?
→ junior professional with less than 12 months experience in VFX?
→ looking to transition into VFX?

If so, learn more about our selection process, application requirements and more here.

Meet our 2019 Greenlight Alumni

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