Interstellar nominated for a BAFTA

Nominated for Best Special Visual Effects BAFTA

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been nominated at this year’s BAFTA for our work on Chris Nolan’s Interstellar.

DNEG’s Paul Franklin and Andrew Lockley have been named as nominees alongside SFX Supervisor Scott Fisher and New Deal VFX Supervisor Ian Hunter for Best Special Visual Effects for Interstellar at this year’s BAFTAs.

Led by Paul Franklin, our Interstellar team were tasked with creating the film’s wormhole, its supermassive black hole (Gargantua), the Tesseract (a four dimensional space allowing time to be seen as a physical dimension), digital space vistas for projection on-set (no greenscreen was used in any of the space sequences), robots’ TARS and CASE and populating alien worlds with giant waves and landscapes of frozen cloud and ice.

Massive congratulations to all our amazing crew and a big shout out also to our Paddington crew (led by the mighty Andrew Whitehurst) for their work on Paddington, also nominated this year!

The winners will be announced at the BAFTA Awards Ceremony on Sunday 8 February.




Los Angeles