Introducing the UK-based Kickstart Scheme

Job placements for young professionals in London

We’re proud to be part of the UK Government-led Kickstart scheme!

The Kickstart Scheme is an initiative launched by the UK Government in 2022. We’re proud that our London studio is part of the scheme, offering 6 month job placements to young people and giving them a foot in the door of the working world.

The scheme helps Kickstarters gain work experience through various roles within the studio, and supports them to build potential career pathways by growing their experience, knowledge and skills.

Throughout the program, our Kickstarters are given the opportunity to be involved in the day-to-day running of the departments that they have joined, working alongside experienced colleagues who will guide them during their time with us. As well as being supported in their professional development with a series of DNEG Skills Courses, they are also being paired with one of our DNEG Career Coaches to empower them, growing their confidence and abilities.

Here’s what Daniella Johns, Learning and Development Manager at our London studio, has to say about the scheme:

“I have found our Kickstarters to be a group of highly motivated, talented and passionate individuals. It is a wonderful experience being able to support them and work with them during their journey at DNEG. They have become valuable members of our team and I look forward to seeing what great things they go on to achieve in their careers.”


Naomi Roulstone, Senior Operations Team Leader at DNEG Animation, and one of our Kickstart Managers, adds:

“I believe internships and apprenticeships such as the Kickstart Scheme are invaluable both to individuals and companies. They provide a formal and supported way for junior level applicants to enter into industries and gain an understanding of what the jobs entail, as well as time to study and develop their own skills. The experience we have had with our Kickstarter intern for DNEG Animation has been wonderful, they have become an invaluable member of the team and are trusted by everyone. They have learnt a lot and are more confident in their approach to their daily job, as well as their understanding of the industry.”


Our first cohort of Kickstarters has been with us in our London studio for a few months now, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for them!


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