DNEG teams up with Dimension for Virtual Production LED Stage test

Discover the infinite possibilities of Virtual Production

DNEG has joined forces with Dimension Studio, Unreal Engine, ARRI, Mo-Sys, 80six, ROE, Brompton Technologies and Malcolm Ryan to explore the future of filmmaking, using LED stages and real-time engines for virtual production.

At a time when filmmaking and content creation is becoming increasingly challenging because of the current pandemic, virtual production could be an answer to the social distancing and crew limitations currently affecting many productions.

Virtual Production technology not only improves on-set safety for crews, it also allows for more flexibility for filmmakers and can be a highly efficient solution for productions looking to restart as soon as it is safe to do so. LED stages running complex photo-real scenes in real-time game engines allow us to create vast sets with fully adjustable lighting and animated effects; with the added benefit that multiple environments can be shot on a single LED stage.

DNEG Co-Founder and Creative Director Paul Franklin recently directed a shoot with Dimension Studio, demonstrating how virtual production technology is revolutionising the way we approach filmmaking. From framing and blocking to lighting, environments and FX, creative decisions can be made in real-time to meet the needs of the production.

“It gives you the best of both worlds,” said Paul Franklin. “The flexibility of a visual effects process but with the immediate realism of actual photography.”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the test shoot with further information from Paul, the team at Dimension and the other companies involved in the shoot:

And here’s a sneak peek at some of the final footage captured during the test:

Find out more about the test here.




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