Paul Franklin at TEDx London

TEDx London, The Art and Science of Special Effects by Paul Franklin

Have you ever wondered how science and art collide when creating special effects for movies? This “must watch” TEDx talk by Paul Franklin, Co-Founder of Double Negative and Creative Director, will certainly answer your questions!

In a nutshell:

Paul Franklin talks about the link between art and science when creating special effects for a science fiction movie. Paul explains how his meeting with theoretical physicist Professor Kip Thorne changed his vision towards the representation of science in films. Paul and Interstellar’s Director Christopher Nolan decided to change the way science was represented in movies – moving away from the world of scientific fantasy and introducing the world of scientific reality to the audience.

While working on Interstellar DNEG developed a new software, Double Negative Gravitational Renderer, also referred to as DNGR which helped the team to explore the environment around the black hole. In the history of science fiction films, DNGR is the first software created to give unprecedented details about the black hole.

Interstellar and the Double Negative crew won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and BAFTA for Best Special Visual Effects in 2015.




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