Roy C. Anthony talks future tech with IBC365

Global Head of Research discusses nexus of technology and art

DNEG’s Global Head of Research discusses emerging technologies and their application to the filmmaking process.

Meet Roy C. Anthony and discover his thoughts on innovation in real-time technology, the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the artist experience, high frame rate filmmaking, the influence of gaming on storytelling, cloud community collaboration and a whole lot more in this wide-ranging interview with IBC365.

A former Conference Chair of SIGGRAPH (2018), Roy was previously Vice President of Creative Development and Operations at Ventuz Technology, and also brings to the role thirteen years of experience as a Senior Solutions Architect in the Research & Innovation division of Christie Digital Systems.

Roy is a technology innovator in real-time, AI, VR, AR, projection mapping, film, interactive immersive displays and other future focused technologies, and holds patents in Stereoscopy, VR /AR display systems and calibration.

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“AI has a lot of potential to help express our creative potential by simplifying a lot of frustrating tasks and accelerating work and enabling artists to get that aha! moment as quickly as possible.” Roy C. Anthony




Los Angeles