Ocean of Light – Dolphins VR

A breathtaking, immersive underwater experience!


Director & Filmmaker

Bob Talbot


Bob Talbot & Jonathan Gleit

Production Companies

Talbot Films, Metaverse Stage & Prime Focus


Meta Quest

DNEG Stereo Supervisor

James Rees

DNEG VFX Producers

Timmy Broderick & Gagan Kathuria

DNEG Production Managers

Shawn Steinberg & Sahil Gandotra


Nominee for ‘PGA Innovation Award‘ at the 2024 PGA Awards

Work Overview

Converting Ocean of Light – Dolphins VR to stereo was a very unique experience for the DNEG Stereo team. DNEG had the opportunity to work on a more intimate experience that presented new challenges for the team. The result was creating a very special viewer experience that takes audiences to a place most people never have the opportunity to come face to face with until now.

Converting 180-degree 60fps 4K footage with 6500 frame takes to be viewed in the Meta Quest headset as opposed to a theater required master planning and alternate workflows, for DNEG’s conversion and review pipelines, as well as the creative approach. The team needed to break up the content to account for artist and render times, and intricately reassemble to ensure continuity and fluidity in sculpture, scale, and depth animation over the course of these very long shots.

DNEG focused on achieving comfort and authenticity so that the piece could be watched over and over without any fatigue while bringing the viewer on location with the dolphins. Details in corals, sea fans, flotsam, schools of fish, volumetric lights, and underwater particulates were extracted to bring to life the realism of what was captured in 2D. The result is a breathtakingly immersive underwater experience that lives within an innovative exhibition inside the Horizon Worlds aquarium. We could not be more proud to have been a part of bringing this experience to the world.

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We all made it happen


Amit Alawadi

Amit Kumar

Charles Luce

Debajit Barman

Deepak Kumar Singh

Devantie Johnson

Gaurav Jain

Himanshu Ajmera

James Rees

Joginder Singh

Kamalpreet Singh

Kiran Parmar

Manu Jain

Naushad  Raza

Nishant Sharma

Prateek Sharma

Ritisha Singh

Sahil Gandotra

Shawn Steinberg

Tatiana Scarfo

Vinay Pratap Singh

Xavier Hart-Marion




Los Angeles