Listen to the stars with ‘Starsounds’

DNEG, Brian Eno and Starmus create a cosmic orchestra

Available online for the first time for everyone to enjoy, ‘Starsounds’ is a hypnotic music video created by DNEG Creative Director and Senior VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin, DNEG Chief Scientist Oliver James, Composer Brian Eno and Dr Garik Israelian for the 2017 Starmus Festival.

‘Starsounds’ is the result of a highly creative collaboration which started in 2016 when Dr Garik Israelian made a selection from his library of stellar recordings. Israelian then turned them over to Brian Eno who sped up the inaudible infra-sounds of the stars so that they could be heard and arranged them into a new composition.

Dr. Israelian then invited DNEG’s Paul Franklin and Oliver James to create images that responded to Eno’s composition. Paul and Oliver analysed the sound waves to make visual representations of the recordings taken from the atmospheres of stars including Alpha Centauri, Eta Bootis and Beta Hydra. They then combined the wave forms with images of our own sun, taken by the NASA SOHO satellite, to produce a sequence accompanying the music.

The result is ‘Starsounds’, a hypnotic piece rich with complex harmonies and mesmerising visuals. Watch it below!

‘Starsounds’ marks Paul Franklin’s second collaboration with Starmus festival. In 2016 at Starmus II, Paul worked with Nobel Prize winner Professor Kip Thorne and Oscar® winning film composer Hans Zimmer to create ‘The Warped Side of the Universe’, a concert of compelling music and science-inspired visuals that celebrated the first discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO project in 2015.




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