The DNEG Global Hackathon is back!

The bi-annual event is back for 2017!

Launched in 2016, the bi-annual Double Negative Global Hackathon is back for its Summer 2017 edition

“I wanted to give the Production Technology team the opportunity to solve interesting problems for DNEG that they might not otherwise get the opportunity to work on” said competition founder Henry Vera, DNEG’s Head of Production Technology. “It also provides the team with a chance to stretch themselves in an areas that they don’t normally work in. The results of our inaugural Hackathon have been great, with multiple tools released to production in a variety of areas. These tools, which have resulted in saved time or improved communication, would otherwise never have come to light.”

The competition is open to all staff within the Production Technology department at Double Negative. Teams are self-organised at a local level and are given two consecutive weeks within the four-week event to dedicate solely to the development and completion of projects. The brief for the hack is open, with projects needing to solve an existing business problem or need.

At the end of the Hackathon, projects are presented to the Awards Jury, who review which projects are carried through to implementation, followed by an awards ceremony to announce the winning teams.

Double Negative’s Global Summer Hackathon runs from 10 July to 4 August 2017.

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