The Tunnel: Sabotage

The Tunnel: DNEG TV provides all VFX

DNEG TV provided all visual effects for Sky Atlantic’s stunning flagship drama The Tunnel: Sabotage which premiered on Sky on 12th April.

The 8 part series contains a number of complex VFX shots, many of which involved the crashing of a passenger aircraft and the devastating aftermath, which is the central crux of the series.

DNEG TV created a destroyed CG aeroplane, focusing primarily on the broken and damaged fuselage, complete with breakaway wings, engines and even minute detail of seats, life vests, passenger luggage, clothing and even CG bodies all interacting in the water. CG helicopters and a rescue flotilla of boats were also necessary to give the required scale that such an event would cause.

Other work included creating CG cars, screen inserts, blood addition, muzzle flashes and bullet hits, smashing glass, matte paintings and prosthetic enhancements. DNEG TV also provided on-set supervision for the more complex sequences.

DNEG TV’s Executive VFX Producer Stefan Drury says, “We loved the first series of the The Tunnel so were delighted when we awarded the second Series, especially considering the increased scope of Visual Effects work they wanted to achieve. We were involved in the pre-production stage of the process and were on hand at all times to provided guidance and practical solutions to problematic sequences, we even provided previs to prove practical solutions could be found to achieve specific effects in camera without the use of VFX in post. Working with series producer Julian Stevens was great fun as he always challenged us but completely trusted our expertise, judgement and treated us a collaborative partner on the project.”

If you haven’t caught episode one yet then head to Sky On Demand or, even better, make your way to Sky Boxset where the whole series is available for binge viewing! Check out the series trailer here:




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