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Click here to access the open source xSTUDIO codebase, and look out for further development and updates in our newsletter and online.

The code for xSTUDIO is free to all. Please review our Application Features page for opportunities for collaboration. Access to the code base for xSTUDIO is available on the GitHub repo. A readme file is present to cover installation details.

xSTUDIO is a modern, flexible and feature-rich Playback and Review application designed to meet the diverse needs of filmmakers throughout the production process. xSTUDIO will ultimately replace all other image viewers used by DNEG on standalone laptops, workstations, and projection screens, and across networks of connected users.

Working towards a common industry review toolset, xSTUDIO is company and pipeline agnostic.  This allows any studio to integrate it into their pipeline via plugins and Python scripting APIs.

Alternatively, individual users can use it as a robust alternative to other standalone players on the market, and benefit from its rich set of features.

DNEG currently uses xSTUDIO in some live production environments, and the initial open source code share has been released at beta stage, quite early along the product roadmap.  The code is shared at this early stage in its development to promote collaboration and input from the filmmaking community.

DNEG’s ongoing development of xSTUDIO contributes to the Open Review Initiative with the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF). Collaborating with like-minded industry partners from member companies Autodesk, DNEG, and Sony Pictures Imageworks. The initiative’s mission is to build a unified open source toolset for playback, review and approval of motion pictures and related professional media, seeking to set a new standard for review and approval.

“Our aim is to promote simpler collaboration between teams by offering a single, flexible, generalised toolset across all our review scenarios. Open sourcing the xSTUDIO codebase will allow all our industry partners to contribute towards and benefit from this common goal. ” 

– Chas Jarrett, Creative Director, DNEG

We have an exciting roadmap ahead and are welcoming collaborative input.  Please use the two links below to see more.


  • Contributing member of the ASWF’s “Open Review Initiative”
  • Working towards a common industry review toolset
  • Collaborating with like-minded industry partners
  • Company and pipeline agnostic codebase
  • Provides complete set of review tools “out of the box”
  • Integrates with any pipeline through plugins and the API

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