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DNEG is one of the world's leading digital visual special effects (VFX) service providers, with over 20 years in the industry. We have brought home the Oscar for Best VFX four times in the last five years.

We are DNEG

We are one of the world’s leading visual effects, animation and stereo conversion companies for feature film and television, with studios in London, Vancouver, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Chennai, Montréal, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Goa.

Formed though the 2014 merger of Prime Focus (founded in 1995) and Double Negative (founded in 1998), we’ve always focused on building close working relationships with filmmakers. We thrive on collaboration and the creative energy this provides, and we are dedicated to delivering excellence on every project we are involved with.

5 Academy Awards
5 BAFTA Awards

Everyone at DNEG is an Oscar winner.

Collaboration is key

We first opened our doors over twenty years ago. Founded by a small group of passionate and talented industry professionals, DNEG has grown from small studios to nine facilities in four countries across the globe.

In the course of working on hundreds of movies we’ve developed close, collaborative working relationships with leading directors, that we work hard to foster and maintain.

An Award Winning Studio

We are always honoured when our work is acknowledged by the industry. In the last few years our talented artists have received 5 Academy Awards, 5 BAFTA Awards and 10 Visual Effects Society Awards, and we salute both the winners and the teams behind them.

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Our Services


Film VFX

We craft spectacular visuals for some of the world’s biggest films.


Our TV VFX division tailors our experience, skills and pipeline for the specific needs of high-end television programming.

Feature Animation

Our Feature Animation division collaborates with filmmakers and IP owners to create high-end animated feature films. We are currently in production on a major animated feature.

Stereo Conversion

Our industry-leading stereo conversion team has delivered some of Hollywood’s biggest theatrical 3D experiences.

DNEG UK Pay Gap Report 2018

We continue to work towards being an inclusive and diverse organisation and we are dedicated to building on our commitments in relation to this. Our mean gender pay gap in the UK for 2018 is 23%, which is due to more men than women occupying senior roles. We are taking positive action to close the gap by encouraging more women to consider jobs in VFX, championing inclusion and diversity at an industry level and supporting career development within DNEG for women and men. DNEG pays men and women equally for the same or equivalent roles across the business, globally.

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