CAVE Academy and VES London join DNEG for a panel on art and AI

Examining the impact of AI on creative arts

We were thrilled to welcome CAVE Academy and VES London to DNEG for an insightful panel on art and AI!

Last month, we hosted an engaging panel discussion on the topic of art and AI at our DNEG London studio.

Led by CAVE Academy and Visual Effects Society London, our very own Oliver James (Chief Scientist, DNEG) spoke alongside industry experts Adrien Saint Girons (Head Of Advanced Development Group, ReDefine), Alvaro García Martínez (Director, Filmmaker, Game Designed, Mayhem Mirror Studios) and Gael Kerchenbaum (Creature Supervisor, Eevolver). Moderated by Andrew Schlussel (Senior Director, Training and Development, DNEG Animation), the panelists provided valuable insights into the evolving relationship between technology and artistic expression.

Their discussion touched on many topics, including the ethical considerations of AI in relation to copyright laws and authorship, how AI can be used as a source of inspiration and enhance efficiency within VFX workflows, whether using generative AI art should be considered ‘cheating’ and more.

A recording of the panel is now available. Watch it on Cave Academy’s website.


A huge thank you to CAVE Academy, VES London, the exceptional panelists and moderator, and all who joined us for this enlightening conversation!




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