DNEG x University Of Hertfordshire Masterclass


Thanks for joining us, students of the University of Hertfordshire!

Last month, we concluded our 6-week masterclass with an incredible cohort of second-year 3D VFX students from the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Creative Arts!

Throughout the program, the students were tasked with executing a creative brief of their choosing across Compositing, FX or Build. Working with pre-existing digital assets supplied by DNEG, the students applied their technical skills and creativity towards bringing their chosen briefs to life.

Halfway through the masterclass, the students shared their concepts and moodboards with DNEG leaders in their respective departments: Ian Simpson (Head of Compositing), Phil Johnson (Head of Build), Vladimir Popovic (FX Lead TD) and Marco Gifuni (Build TD) were on-hand to provide feedback and guide the students as they continued to work on their projects.

After six weeks of hard work and creative exploration, the students were invited to our DNEG London headquarters to showcase their final work. Speaking about the experience, masterclass organizer and Senior Talent Acquisition Partner Jonny Adamson said:

“We have been running the Masterclass with Hertfordshire University for a number of years, but the pandemic made the last few years difficult to run the course in the way both parties would like. This year marks a return to normality and it was great to welcome the students into the studio where they presented their final projects to our department teams and received feedback live. We hope they’ve enjoyed the experience as much as we have.”

Hats off to Jonny and our DNEG team members who took time to share their expertise and insights during this masterclass. Our team had a wonderful time working with the students during this event, and we were thrilled to receive the following feedback:

“This has been a great experience and has allowed us to network and get feedback from professionals in the industry, as well as give us an opportunity to make some really cool stuff for our showreels.”
— Myles Baker
“Such a great brief to learn and hone in on the fundamentals of composting. Thank you Ian! You helped me a tonne with teaching me how to self critique my work and also some tips and tricks with fixing common issues inside Nuke.”
— Josh Methven

Thanks again to the students and staff at the University of Hertfordshire!




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