Empowering Women, Inspiring Change

A week full of Celebration, Empowerment and Reflection

Celebrating Women’s Empowerment: A Recap of International Women’s Day 2024 at DNEG India

March marks both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. DNEG India organised a week-long series of insightful events to celebrate and empower the extraordinary women at DNEG, whose expertise, talent and dedication are an integral part of transforming the future of storytelling.

The festivities kicked off with a Financial Planning session aimed at equipping women with the confidence and skills to make informed financial decisions and navigate their financial futures with ease.

After financial wellbeing, our India team turned their focus to holistic wellbeing, empowering women to take charge of their health. Combining sessions on physical and mental wellness with discussions on critical health issues, we underscored the importance of prioritizing self-care and preventive healthcare measures.

Throughout the week, the team also celebrated the invaluable support and mentorship provided by “Wing Women” – the remarkable women who uplift and empower us. Informal gatherings, open discussions, and pampering sessions also took place, providing meaningful avenues for reflection and celebration.


Celebrating the day, our Head of Studio, DNEG India, Shesha Prasad said:

“I would like to congratulate and thank each and every woman at DNEG on International Women’s Day, a special day when everyone acknowledges the value and importance of women in our lives!”


Thank you to our India team for organising such an inspiring week full of insights, and for contributing to fostering a culture of equality and inclusion, making DNEG a place where everyone can thrive and succeed.




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