‘Fireworks’ World Premiere

Premiere followed by StoryFutures’ masterclass discussion on Virtual Production

We were proud to attend the world premiere of ‘Fireworks’ on Thursday 10 March at the Curzon Soho in London! Over 150 guests from the film, television and theatre industry enjoyed the premiere, which was hosted by StoryFutures Academy.

Following the premiere, StoryFutures Academy Virtual Production Lead, Prof. Peter Richardson, welcomed ‘Fireworks’ cast and crew to the stage for a masterclass discussion on the Virtual Production techniques used in the making of ‘Fireworks’.

The panel included DNEG’s two-time Oscar and BAFTA Award winner Paul Franklin, BAFTA Award winner Annalise Davis for Wilder Films, screenwriter and playwright Steven Lally; VP Supervisor, and Co-founder and CTO at Dimension Callum MacMillan, and ‘Fireworks’ actress Raghad Chaar.

Watch the full recording of the panel below!

‘Fireworks’ is one of the first films in the UK to be shot entirely within an LED Volume, pioneering the use of Virtual Production technology.

You can find more about Fireworks and Virtual Production in our trailer release announcement, and also find the StoryFutures Academy behind-the-scenes videos here.

‘Fireworks’ was screened to the general public for the first time in the UK at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival as part of Fab Eclectic Mix on Wednesday 23 March 2022,  and will then be screened at the Poppy Jasper Festival in California on Sunday 10 April 2022.




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