Global CTO Paul Salvini talks tech with ASWF

open-source technology allows for greater innovation and easier collaboration

DNEG’s Global Chief Technical Officer Paul Salvini recently spoke at Open Source Days, held by the Academy Software Foundation.

The 2021 virtual event featured speakers from across the industry, offering insights into the open-source landscape and the importance of open source technology and standards for their businesses.

With Academy Software Foundation projects such as OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, and OpenVDB playing a role in DNEG’s tech stack, Paul emphasised how these tools allow for greater innovation and easier collaboration with other studios.

“One of our goals as a company is to rely on as many industry standards as we can,” Paul said while speaking at the event. “We want to be able to focus our R&D efforts on things that provide uniqueness, unique value, differentiation, strategic focus – so it’s amazing if we can have standard tools agreed upon by the industry and developed in conjunction with other partners in the industry. The more we can do that, the better off we are as an organization.”

As a contributor to both the OpenColorIO and OpenVDB projects, participation in the Academy Software Foundation offers DNEG visibility into major industry trends, what’s steering different projects, and ensures each project has support and attention.

Find Paul opening the highlights video from OSD2021 here:

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