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State-Of-The-Art Visualisation, Virtual Production, Content Creation, And Development Services

DNEG 360 is a division of DNEG launched in partnership with Dimension Studio, a leader in real-time production.

DNEG 360 provides filmmakers and content creators with a range of services including Visualisation, Virtual Production, Content Creation, and Development. The team offers clients an end-to-end production partnership and a seamless transition through development, pre-production and virtual production into visual effects and post for feature film and episodic projects, advertising, music videos, live events and more.

This service is underpinned by a focus on real-time technology and takes a 360-degree approach to solving any visual challenges our clients might face, wherever in the production process they may be.

Delivering a range of bespoke filmmaking solutions, DNEG 360 demystifies the tools and pipeline of digital production to make the process more accessible to directors, DoPs, producers, and crews.

From development through delivery

DNEG 360 helps filmmakers to realise their vision with highly adaptable creative and technical real-time solutions that provide greater control over the practical aspects of their production.

Our offering encompasses visualisation, virtual production, content creation, and development services:

Our pre-production group offers a range of visualisation services:

  • Visual development (including concept and design, moodboards, pitch vis)
  • Previsualisation (including storyboarding, story development, real-time previs)
  • Production visualisation (including stunt vis, tech vis, performance capture, MetaHumans, virtual cameras)

Our visualisation team helps our filmmaking partners to plan and make informed decisions prior to shooting, and to make changes to designs and set-ups in real-time.

Our production group offers a full-range of capture and processing services, as well as access to two of the world’s largest LED volume stages, equipment rental and highly experienced on-set support teams. Services include: 

  • Asset capture (including array photography, LIDAR, photogrammetry, volumetric capture, virtual human production)
  • Motion capture (including v-cam and performance)
  • LED volume stages (for final pixel in-camera VFX and vehicle process)
  • Processing (including data packaging from asset and motion capture for visual effects)
  • Equipment rental (including all camera, lighting, grips etc. required for shoots)
  • On-set teams (including brain bar, supervisors, n-cam, location teams, data wranglers, Unreal TDs etc.)

Our virtual production team provides all creative, technical, and production support for real-time on-set capture and in-camera VFX.

Our content creation team develops high-quality content for visualisation and virtual production, from real-time assets and environments to digital matte paintings, 2D, 2.5D and 3D content. The team comprises:

  • Assets (including build, stitching, Maya asset creation)
  • Environments (including real-time environment assembly, layout etc.)
  • Lookdev (including photoreal asset and environment work)
  • Animation (for animation of created content)

The content creation team ensures that the assets that we are working with are always of the highest quality and fidelity, always striving to create content for final pixel.

Our supervisors, producers, and leadership team are on hand to help guide your project through development, advising on the most effective methodologies to realise your vision, offering co-production opportunities, and helping to get your project green-lit and into production.

Go behind the scenes of the latest virtual production techniques and advancements

Two of the world’s largest LED volume stages

DNEG 360 operates two of the world’s largest LED volume stages, at studios in London and Rome.

The London studio offers four stages:

Stage 1 features an LED volume with 1600 panels making up a 20m x 8m curved LED wall, with four wild walls, and a retractable LED ceiling

Stage 2 features performance and volumetric capture, and vehicle process

Stages 3 & 4 are available for dry-hire

DNEG 360 London studio

The Rome studio, situated at the world-famous Cinecittà Studios:

Stage 18 features a 24m x 8m LED volume with a LED ceiling and a 25m rotating platform deck to allow for quick repositioning of sets.

Creativity meets technology

DNEG 360 has delivered thousands of virtual production shots and hundreds of virtual production shoot days. Here are some of our current and latest projects:

Meet the team

Steve Griffith is DNEG 360 Managing Director. He brings decades of industry experience, with previous roles as Head Of Production, and Vice President of Production.


Steve Jelley DNEG 360 Managing Director and Co-CEO of Dimension Studio. He is an award-winning producer and creative entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in creative content production, distribution and technology innovation.

Simon Windsor is part of the Executive team for DNEG 360 and co-CEO of Dimension Studio. A successful producer and creative, he has been at the forefront of immersive entertainment and virtual production for the last 15 years.

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