DNEG collaborates with SHERIE on music video ‘ETA’

Get a peek at DNEG’s work with VFX Supervisor Tom Proctor

Put your hands together for SHERIE’s latest music video, ETA.

We’re proud to be part of the team behind SHERIE’s new ETA music video, released in January this year. Los Angeles based, SHERIE is an artist, songwriter, and master violinist who has played for the Oscars, Espys, Grammy award shows to name but a few. Following its release, ETA crossed a million views in less than a fortnight, receiving a lot of acclaim from fans, not only for SHERIE’s amazing vocals, but also for its top production. Watch it below:



Led by VFX Supervisors Tom Proctor and Xavier Bernasconi, Executive Producer Natalie Reid and VFX Producer Abigail Everard, DNEG was the sole VFX partner on this unique project.

Following a three day shoot, our VFX crew, comprising close to a hundred members, handled the post-production which lasted about a month and a half.

DNEG’s key work on ETA was the ‘Enchanted Forest’ environment, which included set extension. The environment itself was created and rendered in Unreal Engine, the fireflies were simulated in Houdini and falling cherry blossoms were added on. Other work included the addition of multiple takes of SHERIE to shots and the transition of the dancers into other takes of themselves.



Speaking about the project, VFX Supervisor Tom Proctor said, “Compared to a typical DNEG film project it was much smaller, but it required the same level of quality our clients expect. Because it was a smaller project we were able to experiment outside the DNEG pipeline and try some new things. For example, I used Unreal Engine to quickly generate concept art to pitch the look of the forest environment and then I used the same setup to work up the finished environment the team used in the final shots. It was fun to be so hands-on, I don’t usually have the time for that on larger projects!”

Commenting further, Tom said, “Although we had a short schedule, I’m happy to report that it was a very stress-free endeavor. Our directors Lauren Hashian and Spicy Rico were superb collaborators and led with positivity and warmth which goes such a long way. It was a pleasure from start to finish.”


Congratulations to SHERIE on ETA and kudos to our VFX crew!




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