Introducing DNEG 360

State-of-the-art visualisation, virtual production, content creation, and development services

DNEG and Dimension Launch DNEG 360

We are thrilled to announce the launch of DNEG 360, a new division created in partnership with Dimension Studio.

DNEG 360 provides filmmakers and content creators with a range of services including Visualisation, Virtual Production, Content Creation, and Development services, offering clients an end-to-end production partnership and a seamless transition through development, pre-production and virtual production into visual effects and post for feature film and episodic projects, advertising, music videos and more.

As part of the unveiling of DNEG 360 we are also excited to debut two of the world’s largest LED volume stages, located in London and Rome. Find out more about our new LED volume stages here, and watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes video showcasing our latest virtual production techniques and advancements:



Steve Griffith, Managing Director of DNEG 360, said: “DNEG 360 is the only end-to-end, real-time powered service provider operating at this kind of scale anywhere in the world. Our experienced and talented team has delivered thousands of shots and over 800 virtual production shoot days, which has allowed us to refine our approach through hands-on experience. We have taken the promise of the technology and made it work at scale, mapping out and defining the creative journey through the digital production process, from development through to delivery. This allows us to provide guidance, experience, and continuity for our clients as they navigate the filmmaking process, reducing risk and finding cost efficiencies.”

​​DNEG Global CEO Namit Malhotra said: “The launch of DNEG 360 is another example of DNEG’s strategy of investing in areas of technological advancement to reinforce our leadership position. The work that the DNEG 360 team is delivering is second-to-none, and the advances that we are making in real-time technologies and virtual production techniques are both creatively exciting and game-changing in terms of the opportunities and efficiencies that they open up for our clients and partners. I’m excited to welcome our clients to explore our world-leading LED volume stages in London and Rome, and I look forward to seeing DNEG 360’s latest slate of projects hitting our screens soon.”

DNEG 360 expands on the previously announced DNEG x Dimension 2021 joint venture – DNEG Virtual Production – which has delivered virtual production services for shows such as Masters of the Air, Those About To Die, Here, Avatar: The Last Airbender, No Way Up, Devotion, The Muppets Mayhem, and many others.

Read more about the news in The Hollywood Reporter.




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